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National Conference of Viet Nam Veteran Ministers

In 1969 Fr. Philip Salois, an infantry combat veteran who became a Catholic priest, began calling together a wonderful group of men and women who are both Vietnam veterans and ministers. After ten years as the organization's Treasurer, I became the group's Executive Director in October, 1999. Visit the page for the National Conference of Viet Nam Veteran Ministers

The annual meetings of this group bring deep camaraderie, stimulating guest speakers, and a chance to deal with old memories. After hearing of an atrocity which had been shared with a Vet Center counselor, I had to write Requiem for a Vietnamese Sampan Girl

One mission of our group is to encourage appropriate recognition of veterans in our civilian churches. On a past Memorial Day weekend (May 1997), I wrote a special prayer, or Litany, for veterans and members of the armed forces. Thanks to the wonders of e-mail, it was used the very next day by another Vietnam Veteran minister for a memorial service at the wall. You are welcome to use it in your church or veterans group!

An important offering of NCVNVM consists of Spiritual Healing retreats for combat veterans with PTSD and their wives. Sunday morning of the retreats ends with a Communion Service. The chalice we use for the communion is the same chalice that this Vietnam Chaplain carried to so many mountaintops in 1968 and 1969, and which was touched by so many young men whose names now appear on the Wall.

Spiritual Healing with Vietnam Chalice

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Updated June 24, 2004